The spark has been ignited! Park Hae Jin finally met his enthusiastic Filipino fans on November 23 at the New Frontier Theater. The loud screams filled the arena as soon his presence is felt. He greeted his Filipino fans with a bright and warm smile.

Fan Meeting Activities

Local Foods

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Photo by Annyeong Chingus (Shaina David)
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Photo by Annyeong Chingus (Shaina David)

Park Hae Jin loves to taste the local foods whenever he travels. On the first segment, the actor eagerly tried some famous Filipino dishes. The foods were Chicken Adobo which he described as masarap (delicious). Then he tried Sisig, which he said the dish looked delicious. He said that Sisig is also masarap but he is not surprised about the food’s presentation because he also eats pig head in Korea. Next is Lechon Manok, he asked if it is really the lechon because the actor really loves it. He jokingly said that if the spoon in the Philippines is small because the one he is using is tiny. He liked lechon manok and asked the staff to keep the leg part for his dinner.

Famous Filipino kakanins– Bibingka and Sapin sapin were also tried by the actor. He asked if the shape of bibingka is only round because it has same taste in one of the delicacies that his mom made for him in Korea. Then he tasted sapin sapin which he also remarked as masarap.

Heart-fluttering Filipino Phrases

Park Hae Jin was taught some sweet Filipino phrases which made the fans skip a heartbeat. He said the phrases to the lucky fans who won via a lucky draw. Butterflies were filled in the fans’ stomachs as he uttered the Filipino sweet phrases like “Ang ganda mo” (You’re beautiful), “date tayo” (Let’s date), “mahal na mahal kita” (I really love you so much), and “salamat sa pagpunta” (Thank you for coming). He ended the segment by telling his fans “mahal ko kayo” which the crowd cheers as they answered him back.

Drama and Drama Poster Reenactment

In this part, Park Hae Jin has more time in engaging with his fans. He needs to reenact in some scenes in his K-drama “Cheese in the Trap.” Park Hae Jin’s lucky pick is an American fan who flew all the way from Seoul. Then a Filipino fan thanked him for being an inspiration in her studies and now she is a graduating college student.

For the poster recreation, he needs to redo the drama poster of “Bad Guys” with the fans. He went down and roamed around the venue to choose the lucky fan that he will engage in the segment.

IMG20191123183939 (5)
Photo by Annyeong Chingus (Shaina David)
IMG20191123183939 (4)
Photo by Annyeong Chingus (Shaina David)

A delightful ending

The fan meeting is reaching it’s end. Park Hae Jin gave a special gifts to his fans. The actor also serenaded his fans with Backstreet Boys’ “As Long As You Love Me.” Before his special number starts, he cutely warned his fans that he is not a singer. PH Jins showed a fan video as a part of the fan project. He warmly thanked the fans who created the video and expressed his unending happiness.

IMG20191123183939 (6)
Photo by Annyeong Chingus (Shaina David)

Hae Jin is worried about his fan meeting in Manila at first because he thought that he has less fans in the Philippines but he was surprised how passionate the Filipino crowd were compared to other countries. He thanked his fans for supporting him all throughout. With the love and support he had received, he is encouraged to come back to the Philippines. His drama, “Secret” will be aired by next year and promised to do more dramas for the fans.

Another joyful memory has been marked for both Hae Jin and PH Jins, as his SPARK fan meeting event is a success. He said Mahal kita and Salamat po (thank you) to the fans who were present at the event.

Photo by Annyeong Chingus (Shaina David)

SPARK Park Hae Jin in Manila is brought to us by Artist League Manila and Mountain Movement. We would like to thank Artist League Manila for inviting us in the event.

Event covered by: Shaina David

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