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Happy memories were created in a night full of charm. It is an engaging moment for the fans of Seo Kang Jun as he finally held his first fan meeting tour in the country. The moment that his presence was felt, he serenaded his lovely fans by performing “You Are my Love,” the OST of his K-drama “Are You Human.”

The excitement was painted all over Seo Kang Jun’s face as he prepared a lot of surprises and interactions for the fans.


Hearing the emphatic cheers from the audience, Seo Kang Jun greeted his fans with full of enthusiasm. Being his first time here in the Philippines, Seo Kang Jun had a good stay and tried some Filipino dishes like garlic rice and liempo which he described as similar to galbi.

When given a chance, he wants to visit the Boracay Island and wishes to do water sports activities like snorkeling and scuba diving.


As he told us at the press conference on May 24, he prepared a lot activities to interact closely with his fans. For the first part of the game, he picked four lucky fans to play with him and to have a chance to win exciting prizes. If Seo Kang Jun wins, the fans will get a special signed CD. If the fans win, they need to roll a dice on what will be her prize. On the dice, the choices are: 10 seconds hug, 10 seconds stare game, and 10 second holding hands. Ang swerte!


For the first two players that have chosen, they need to toss the ring to the cones for two minutes. The fan who has the most number of rings that have successfully tossed to the cone will be the winner. The fan won in this game, leading her to roll the dice for her reward: a 10 second staring game. Swerte mo girl!


The mechanics of this game was to complete the three levels of stack. The fastest player will have a chance to roll the dice. On this game, Seo Kang Jun won the game by completing the three levels for 39 seconds! Very competitive!


The players need to match the key on each corresponding treasure chests. Each treasure chests contain special prizes. The fan won this game and rolled the dice for the price. This time, she was lucky to win a 10 second hug from Seo Kang Jun! Sana all!

Seo Kang Jun enjoyed the games with the fans. He is delighted that he had the opportunity to play games with them and had an intimate interactions with his fans.


After the game segment, Seo Kang Jun performed “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran. He chose this song so that the fans can sing along with him and because the message of the song is very lovely.

Photo by Annyeong Chingus


Photo by Annyeong Chingus

We got to know more about him and had an in-depth knowledge of his personality and career goals. Seo Kang Jun answered all the questions sincerely and full of passion.

Q: What are the roles that you have portrayed do you like the most?

Seo Kang Jun: The roles that I had played in “Are You Human.” I really wanted to try portraying two roles in one drama and the drama gave a good message to the viewers.

Q: Who is your inspiration when you started your acting career?

Seo Kang Jun: There are many respected and good actors in Korea but the artist that I looked up to is Han Seok Kyu. In international scene, I was inspired by Jake Gyllenhaal because he always enjoyed the roles that he played.

Q: How did you prepare for “Are You Human?”

Seo Kang Jun: I studied the movie A.I and I immersed myself to the role.

Q: Your fans refer you as their boyfriend. How do you feel about that?

Seo Kang Jun: I cannot have a girlfriend right now because my fans are my girlfriends.

Q: Can you tell us about your drama “The 3rd Charm.” Why is this different from other dramas?

Seo Kang Jun: The drama is very relatable to everyone. Even the drama is Korean cultured, the viewers can easily relate to it because it is all about love, growth, and pain. The other dramas usually have an ideal lead characteristics like being almost perfect, but the character in “The 3rd Charm” is an ordinary and a normal human being.

Q: Are you willing to do a project in the Philippines in the future and to work with Filipino actors?

Seo Kang Jun: Yes, I am very willing if given a chance!

Q: What is your message to the aspiring actors in the audience?

Seo Kang Jun: A lot of Filipino films are being shown in Netflix. I hope I can see one of you in Netflix soon!

Q: If you are not an actor, what would be your career now?

Seo Kang Jun: Probably working in a samgyupsal place because I really love meat!

Q: How do you handle the pressure about your popularity around the world?

Seo Kang Jun: I am not yet popular around the world. Sometimes, I feel a lot of pressure when doing a fan meet tour because I always wonder why the fans like me and why do they keep supporting me. In return, I always prepare a lot for the fans.

Seo Kang Jun showcased his dancing skills as he danced together with his fan. He does not know how to dance but he tried his best to show what he got.


Seo Kang Jun got the chance to taste the famous Filipino foods: Ilocos Empanada, Lechon, and Leche Flan. Ilocos Empanada is delicious but the vinegar is too strong for him. He liked Lechon and Leche flan and enjoyed eating Lechon the most.

The actor also made a special Filipino beverage: Sago’t Gulaman. He picked two lucky fans to taste his own version of Sago’t Gulaman. The fan is very excited because she feels like he had an indirect kiss with Seo Kang Jun (because Seo Kang Jun tasted it first!)

According to Seo Kang Jun, making sago’t gulaman is very easy and tastes good. He had so much fun and entertained while interacting with his fans and he realized that Filipino foods are delicious.


The night is about to end. Even though the tour met its borderline, the fans were all out giving the love and undying support to Seo Kang Jun. They have prepared a special VTR which contains videos of Seo Kang Jun and fans’ messages to him. He thanked his fans for creating a wonderful video and very grateful for the support that he had received even though they are far apart with each other. Seo Kang Jun Philippines also prepared a cake for the actor.

As a closing remark, Seo Kang Jun told the fans that he enjoyed his first fan meeting in Manila and he hoped to have more fan meeting in the future.

The fan meet might have ended but the memories that have shared will always remain in the hearts of the Filipino fans. It is a truly a charming night with our Namshin Seo Kang Jun!

Annyeong Chingus would like to express our gratitude CDM Entertainment and Maxperience Entertainment for bringing Seo Kang Jun and organizing a wonderful event. And thanks to Seo Kang Jun Philippines for executing a successful fan projects and for the freebies!

Hosted by: Sunny Kim.

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