The Korean actor Seo Kang Jun impressed the audience as his charm captivated the fans in his press conference on May 24 at the Studio 7 of GMA Network.

Annyeong Chingus is one of the media partners of the press conference. We will share the moments that Seo Kang Jun have given us!


Photo by Annyeong Chingus

The press conference was hosted by the Miss Philippines Earth 2009 Patricia Tumulak. The opening act was presented by the two Filipino artists: JBK and Nazer. JBK performed their hit song Maibalik and Nasser sang The Chaser which is the official sound track of “Are You Human.”

Photo by Annyeong Chingus
Photo by Annyeong Chingus


Here are the summary of questions and answers in yesterday’s press conference:

Photo by Annyeong Chingus

Question: What do you feel on “Are You Human” will be shown to the PH fans on Monday?

Seo Kang Jun: I am so excited that the drama will be aired in the Philippines and I look forward to their reactions.

Question: What do you think of the rise of Korean Drama here in the Philippines?

Seo Kang Jun: Before, we only have a mindset of showing our dramas to Korean fans. Now, we are working hard in order to show our passion and talent to international fans as well.

Question: Tell us about your projects that PH fans to look forward in the future.

Seo Kang Jun: I have an upcoming drama which is “Watcher.” It is a thriller drama and I am very honored to work with the respected artists in Korea.

Question: If your life story will become a movie, what genre would it be?

Seo Kang Jun: Documentary. because my life is a horror story (laughs). 

Question: Did you learn any Filipino words?

Seo Kang Jun: Kamusta ka. Mahal (expensive).

Question: Are nervous for the fan meeting tomorrow?

Seo Kang Jun: I am not nervous, I am more excited to meet the fans. I want to connect with them not just an artist but also as a normal human being.

Question: What made you visit the Philippines and hold the fan meeting tour here?

Seo Kang Jun: This is my first time visiting the country. The reason why I want to have a fan meet here because I never met my Filipino fans and I am very excited to meet  and to know them and I am honored to have this opportunity.

Question: What to expect on tomorrow’s fan meeting?

Seo Kang Jun: I cannot tell you specifically but you’ll find out tomorrow. I have prepared many events for the fans.

Question: What is your message to your Filipino fans?

Seo Kang Jun: I am happy to meet all of you. I hope we can make happy memories tomorrow. Mahal Kita!


Seo Kang Jun stood up and went closer to the fans to greet and to take a photos of him. He posed with us calmly while wearing a smile. He’s more handsome up close (mga marse yung kilig ko at that moment!) It is a short moment, but sweet!

Photo by Annyeong Chingus
Photo by Annyeong Chingus
Photo by Annyeong Chingus
Photo by Annyeong Chingus (The eye contact mga marsee!!)

We just witnessed the other side of Seo Kang Jun. He is full of charm and charisma! He is so cute that I can’t handle it! I am glad that he confidently joked and laughed with us. Who wouldn’t fall in love for a guy like Seo Kang Jun?

Annyeong Chingus would like to thank CDM Entertainment for inviting us to Seo Kang Jun’s press conference and to GMA Network for organizing a successful event! To the staffs behind the conference, thank you for your hard work. And to our oppa Seo Kang Jun, thank you for showing your love to PH fans!

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