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Oozing with excitement, Bae Jinyoung showed his vivid and adorable personality to his fans on his IM YOUNG fan meeting tour in Manila on May 18 at the New Frontier Theater.

It was a “BAEtastic” night for the fans, as he truly prepared for his fan meet tour. Manila is his first overseas stop for his tour, he made sure that his fans will make IM YOUNG a night to remember.

As soon as the lights dozed off, the screams filled the area when Jinyoung opened the show with his cover performance of Hug by TVXQ, followed by his evaluation performance song during his Produce 101 Season 2 trainee days “Oh Little Girl.”

Bae Jinyoung immediately switched the mood as he performs a sexy dance number. The fans were in awe as he performed the cover stage of “The Hills” by the Weeknd which he proudly told his fans that he choreographed the dance by himself.

Bringing back the memories as a member of Wanna One, he also performed “11.” It is a song from the sub unit Number One composed of the maknae lines Park Jihoon, Lai Guanlin, and himself.


After the awesome stages that Bae Jinyoung have shown, he sat down to talk and connect with the fans. He revealed the meaning of the IM YOUNG tour, which is “I am You, You are Me.”

Bae Jinyoung has recently turned 20 years old. He was asked on how does he feels. He expressed that nothing much has changed and as he turned 20 years old, he is now more confident showing the other sides of him whether a cute side or a sexy side.


This segment verified Bae Jinyoung’s mysteries like he has an unchangeable forty five degree whenever he takes selfies. His deung sin was also verified if it is 11 and it was revealed that he is 13 deung sin!

He was asked the mystery behind his introduction video in Produce 101 Season 2. He revealed that he was very shy doing it but his company asked him to do so. In the fan meet, he was requested to do a remake of Baebtastic. He reenacted his introduction video, adding more aegyos while wearing a traditional Korean attire!




Photo by Annyeong Chingus

This segment made the fans closer to Jinyoung and know more about him. Most of the fans fell in love by his charming and overflowing cuteness.

He made the fans’ wishes come true by picking a post-it notes on the board. He granted the fans’ wishes by doing the following:

  • Do a finger heart by saying “annyeong.”
  • 10 seconds full of aegyo.
  • Telling the fans, “Babalik ako.”
  • Doing cute poses by saying “Gwapo ako.”

Bae Jinyoung is very sport in accomplishing all of his fans’ requests. Followed by the wishes, he also executed the fans’ top three BEST FAQs by doing a Bae Kitty full of aegyo, recording an ASMR morning alarm, and tell the fans that he loves them.

He prepared a mini surprise to the fans as he threw a rose to the audience as a sign of his gratitude for the love that he had received from BAEbys.

Jinyoung has a special messages to his fans:



Photo by Annyeong Chingus

As the show has come to an end, Jinyoung prepared more performances to the fans. He portrayed his excellent vocals as he serenaded his fans with his first solo song, “It’s Hard to say Goodbye.” He satisfied the fans by showing his emotions toward the song.

Not wanting to leave yet, Bae Jinyoung returned to the stage, doing an encore dance cover with the song “Baby” by Justin Bieber. Just like the song title, Jinyoung is such  a cute Baeby throughout the night.

Photo by Annyeong Chingus


Bae Jinyoung is really cheeky and has this adorable personality that will definitely make you fall in love with him.

Annyeong Chingus would like to thank CDM Entertainment for inviting us to Bae Jinyoung <IM YOUNG> fan meet tour in Manila.

Hosted by: Sunny Kim (VJ Sunny).

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